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Are JM Bullion’s new reviews still worth it in 2024?

JM Bullion Reviews Lawsuit Complaints

JM Bullion has attracted much attention as a trustworthy precious metals dealer. We will examine JM Bullion reviews in-depth in this extensive guide to give you a thorough understanding of what consumers and industry insiders have to say about this well-known precious metals seller.

One of the nation’s best precious metals investment companies is JM Bullion, headquartered in Dallas, Texas. JM Bullion is a popular online investing service provider because of its core values of integrity, honesty, and dedicated customer care.

Since its founding in 2011, JM Bullion has solidified its reputation as a trustworthy online precious metals vendor. Because of its dedication to offering premium bullion and numismatic products, JM Bullion has amassed a sizable clientele.

JM Bullion Reviews

The company has received numerous positive reviews and ratings over the years, including an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, which attests to its devoted customer base.

But their list of achievements doesn’t end there. Instead, the business has become one of the top web merchants in North America, ranking #66 out of the Top 500 online companies in the 2024 Internet Retailer rankings.

JM Bullion Products And Services

Let’s examine the offerings on the JM Bullion website in more detail. Because of the straightforward navigation and layout, using the browser to browse the website is enjoyable. You can use the services listed below.

Precious Metals IRAs

If you want to invest in precious metals through an IRA, JM Bullion can help. Their team of qualified IRA specialists helps you through the entire account setup process while satisfying the requirements for precious metals that qualify for an IRA.

This suggests that JM Bullion can assist you in selecting the best investment choice for your situation, even if you don’t know how to open an IRA account.

The following IRA-approved precious metals options are available on the JM Bullion website:

Gold, Platinum, and Palladium

Gold Coins

Direct purchases of gold coins can be made from the JM Bullion website by clients from the US, Canada, Australia, the UK, China, Mexico, South Africa, and other European countries. The company offers a good selection of coins ready to ship despite not having as many rare coins as some competitors.

Silver-coin coins

Silver coinage is one of JM Bullion’s best-selling product categories. Different gradings, origin countries, quality, and size options are available for selection. JM Bullion offers one of the best selections of foreign silver coins available in the market.

Silver Coins and Rounds

Rounds of silver are a favorite investment among art enthusiasts, history buffs, and collectors. Despite their resemblance to coins, silver rounds are not legal tender.

Their collectability is one of their most alluring qualities, which makes them perfect for customers who collect coins as a hobby. From an investor’s standpoint, silver rounds offer a slight premium over spot pricing, making them ideal for a buyer unfamiliar with bullion.


JM Bullion Pros And Cons

When considering investing in precious metals, JM Bullion is a name that comes up a lot. Making an informed choice requires carefully analyzing JM Bullion’s benefits and drawbacks. This formal analysis will examine the advantages and disadvantages of doing business with this well-known precious metals retailer.


  • They don’t impose any fees or commissions for their services.
  • JM Bullion offers a wide range of investment options in precious metals.
  • Regardless of order volume, JM Bullion discounts active military personnel. Usually, bulk orders are the only ones eligible for this discount.
  • You can obtain real-time market pricing data for precious metals on their website.
  • Collateral loans are special financing offered by very few businesses.
  • Consumers adore the ground-breaking automated buy-back system offered by JM Bullion.
  • Furthermore, the business offers and takes bitcoin (Bitcoin).


  • They only offer domestic shipping.
  • The customer service team at JM Bullion is only available from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. CST, Monday through Friday.

JM Bullion Fees And Pricing

I have compared JM Bullion’s fees with those of its competitors, and my thorough analysis and track record support this claim.

Moreover, the company does not impose any extra fees or commissions. Instead, they profit by boosting the current rate by a small margin.

The transparency of JM Bullion’s prices was the most alluring feature of the analysis. When I looked at their product listing on their website, I could easily find their current prices for precious metals.

And if that wasn’t enough, I found out that the business also provides free shipping for orders totaling $199. Smaller orders must pay $9.95 for shipping.

JM Bullion Complaints, Lawsuits And Reviews

The Following Sources Discuss JM Bullion Lawsuits And Complaints

The BBB website features JM Bullion’s listing, client testimonials, grievances, and the company’s overall rating. We found no current lawsuits relating to JM Bullion and little information on Reddit.

Jm Bullion has had over 200 complaints with the BBB in the last three years.

Jm Bullion has a lawsuit, according to a simple Google search.

JM Bullion’s Top Competitors And Alternatives

When investing in precious metals, JM Bullion is a powerful player. To make informed decisions, one must take the competitive landscape into account. The top ten competitors of JM Bullion, who all contribute to the variety and vibrancy of the precious metals market, will be looked at in detail in this formal analysis.

  1. American Precious Metals Exchange, or APMEX

APMEX is a well-known brand in the precious metals sector, renowned for its wide range of products and its solid reputation over the past 20 years. They are a formidable rival due to their extensive inventory and dedication to customer service.

  1. Provident Metals

Provident Metals is well-known for offering numerous numismatic and bullion products. They are frequently praised for their honest business dealings and competitive pricing.


One well-known specialty of is its selection of silver bullion products. For lovers of silver, they provide affordable prices and an easy-to-use online shopping experience.


Mike Maloney, a well-known expert on precious metals, founded, which stands out for its emphasis on gold and silver investments and educational materials. What distinguishes them is their dedication to customer education.

  1. SD Bullion 

The transparent pricing and affordable precious metals options SD Bullion offers are well-known. Their affordable prices on well-liked products have helped them cultivate a devoted customer base.

  1. Gainesville Coins

Gainesville Coins is praised for its dedication to quality control, extensive product selection, and customer-centric philosophy. They serve both new and experienced investors.

  1. Hard Asset Alliance

One of the main competitors in the precious metals market is JM Bullion. They remain at the forefront of the industry thanks to their reputation, wide range of product offerings, and affordable prices.

  1. Precious Metals of Texas

Texas Precious Metals is renowned for its commitment to purity and quality and for providing outstanding customer service. With an emphasis on gold and silver, they offer a wide range of products made of precious metals.

  1. Bullion Exchanges

Bullion Exchanges is well-known for carrying a large assortment of coins and bullion. They strongly emphasize giving customers a quick and safe shopping experience.

  1. Monex

One of the more established companies in the precious metals market is Monex. They are renowned for providing individualized service and helping clients develop a variety of portfolios.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About JM Bullion

Purchasing precious metals is an extensive financial choice, so it makes sense to have concerns. In this section, we address some of the most frequently asked questions concerning JM Bullion to assist you in making wise investment decisions.

What is JM Bullion, and what services does it provide?

An established online retailer of precious metals is JM Bullion. They provide a large selection of products made of precious metals, such as bars, coins, and rounds made of gold, silver, platinum, and palladium.

Is JM Bullion a trustworthy business?

Indeed, JM Bullion has established a strong reputation over time. They are renowned for their dedication to secure transactions, competitive pricing, and quality. Many collectors and investors regard them as a trustworthy supplier of precious metals.

How can I buy gold and silver from JM Bullion?

JM Bullion offers precious metals for purchase; you can browse their selection on their website. After making your selections, you can go to the checkout and select your preferred payment method.

Which forms of payment is JM Bullion accepting?

Major credit cards and bank wire transfers are accepted forms of payment at JM Bullion. It’s crucial to check if their available payment methods suit your needs.

How does JM Bullion manage the shipping and delivery process?

Your precious metals will be packaged and shipped with extreme care by JM Bullion. To make sure the contents are not readily identifiable, they package discreetly. It is advisable to review their shipping policies for specific details as the delivery timeframe may vary.

Could there be any delivery delays?

Although JM Bullion makes every effort to deliver products by the industry standard, there may be sporadic delays. Outside variables like demand changes or shipping difficulties may impact delivery schedules.

What is JM Bullion’s return policy?

Although JM Bullion offers a thorough return policy, it is crucial to read the terms and conditions before purchasing. Restocking fees and other restrictions might apply to returns.

Do they provide client assistance?

Yes, customer service is offered by JM Bullion. You can ask questions, place orders, or voice any concerns you may have by getting in touch with their support staff. Checking out their website’s contact details is advised.

Are there any other precious metals retailers besides JM Bullion?

Indeed, there are several other trustworthy precious metals vendors available. APMEX, Provident Metals,, and are a few noteworthy substitutes. Everybody has distinct advantages and product lines.

Is purchasing precious metals from JM Bullion a secure investment method?

Although there are inherent market risks when investing in precious metals, JM Bullion takes precautions to guarantee the security and authenticity of their offerings. Like any investment, you should consider your risk tolerance and financial goals in addition to doing extensive research.

The Decision

Unquestionably reliable, JM Bullion is well-known for its unique services and wide range of products. There’s much to learn about, including price analysis charts, transparent pricing, the AutoBuy feature, gold and silver loans, and do-it-yourself selling services.

Hundreds of customers, including myself, have benefited from this wide array of goods and services and an intuitive platform.

Additionally, the business has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, a reliable source of customer reviews.

Unquestionably reliable, JM Bullion is well-known for its unique services and wide range of products. There’s much to learn about, including price analysis charts, transparent pricing, the AutoBuy feature, gold and silver loans, and do-it-yourself selling services.

Hundreds of customers have benefited from this wide array of goods and services and an intuitive platform. Additionally, the business has an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, a reliable source of customer reviews.

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