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Patriot Gold Group is the only gold IRA company you need to consider if you’re looking for a safe investment opportunity to protect your retirement savings. We know how important it is to invest in a reliable company, so in order to help you make wise choices, we have thoroughly investigated the leading companies in the market.

Introducing Patriot Gold Group

The Los Angeles-based Patriot Gold Group is a respectable gold IRA provider with a focus on precious metals and gold IRAs. The Business Consumer Alliance has confirmed that Patriot Gold Group, which has over thirty years of experience, has been involved in the precious metals industry since 1990. They are associated with the Numismatic Guaranty Corporation and provide a Professional Coin Grading Service.

Patriot Gold Group stands out for its ability to efficiently finish transactions in a single day. Patriot Gold Group works with clients’ IRA custodians and storage facilities in its capacity as a broker for precious metals investments and resales. Clients no longer have to arrange for several interactions with brokers, custodians, shipping firms, or storage facilities thanks to this efficient method.

Patriot Gold Group representatives are always reachable by phone to help customers finish their transactions, guaranteeing precise and quick processing of IRAs or investments. They go above and beyond by giving prospective customers outstanding customer service and IRA details explanations.

What Patriot Gold Group Offers

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Patriot Gold Group precious metals dealer specializes in assisting people with the acquisition, trade, and storage of precious metals for financial purposes. They provide instructions on how to open gold-IRAs, or precious metals-IRAs.

IRA for Precious Metals

Many people want to save money for retirement, and one useful tool for doing so is a gold individual savings account (IRA). A gold IRA may have lower taxes on withdrawals made during retirement than a traditional IRA, where contributions are deducted from income when filing taxes. With the assistance of Patriot Gold Group, investors can invest in precious metals and take advantage of the tax benefits associated with opening a gold-based individual retirement account (IRA). On behalf of their clients, they help with handling storage and transportation arrangements.

Gold and Silver Items

Patriot Gold Group provides the opportunity to purchase and sell precious metals if starting a gold IRA isn’t in your future plans. Platinum and palladium coins are not included in their focus, which is limited to gold and silver coins.

The silver and gold coins that are for sale come from a number of different nations across the globe, such as South Africa, Austria, Canada, and the United States. Although the Patriot Gold Group website does not list exact coin prices, you can get a quote depending on how much you would like to invest. It is advised to speak with a representative of the company for specific coin pricing.

Cost Considerations

Knowing the fees involved is crucial when working with a financial institution. This is true even for businesses that assist private investors in purchasing precious metals, since purchasing tangible assets, such as gold and silver, entails extra costs for transportation and storage.

Benefits and Drawbacks


  • As per Patriot Gold Group reviews, the staff that is efficient and kind.
  • quick turnaround times.
  • more than thirty years of experience in the field.
  • Simple and quick creation of an IRA account with the help of an Patriot Gold Group representative.
  • Client autonomy in choosing storage provider and custodian for total control over their IRA accounts.


  • Restricted stock, with an emphasis on physical gold and silver bullion.
  • No option to store bullion at home.
  • The $225 initial start-up fee might be more than that of other precious metal IRA providers.
  • Few options for purchasing gold bars.

Precious metal storage

Precious metal storage is a complicated process, and Patriot Gold Group offers a range of vault storage options via alliances with several depositories around the nation. Investors can keep their physical precious metals at home for taxable accounts because Patriot Gold Group has a special technique that complies with IRS rules.

In actuality, Patriot Gold Group store metals at a depository for security and regulatory compliance.

Keeping an Eye on Your IRA Performance

Patriot Gold Group appoints a custodian to give you an online account so you can track and assess the performance of your precious metals individual retirement account. Their website offers real-time silver and gold pricing information to help guide your investing plan.

How to Open an Account

You can apply online or give Patriot Gold Group a call at (877) 583-2399 to begin a precious metals individual retirement account. Your contact details, including your Social Security number and bank account information for fund withdrawals, will be needed by the application. You will hear from an account representative to complete the account opening process.

The 401(k) and IRA Rollover department at Patriot Gold Group can help if you would like to move an existing retirement account to a precious metals IRA.

To make purchases, get in touch with your assigned account representative. They will help you place orders and set up safe transportation to the storage facility of your choice.

Withdrawing Funds from Your Account

When withdrawals from an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) are permitted are governed by regulations enforced by the IRS. After you turn fifty-nine years old, you can take money out. Before that age, premature withdrawals are subject to a 10% penalty and possibly even tax obligations.

For your convenience, Patriot Gold Group can help move precious metals from storage to your house or arrange for the sale of metals and deposit the money into your bank account.

Contact Support

There are several ways to get in touch with Patriot Gold Group, including a live chat option for quick support.

Patriot Gold Group – Frequently Asked Questions

Only specific coins may be added to precious metals individual retirement accounts (IRAs). Precious metals that are permitted to be stored in individual retirement accounts (IRAs) are listed by the IRS. Patriot Gold Group focuses in handling coins and bars for individual retirement accounts (IRAs) in compliance with IRS regulations.

Patriot Gold Group works with IRS-approved self-directed IRA custodians in the United States. They specifically mention Equity Institutional and STRATA Trust Company as two reliable providers of self-directed IRAs among these options.

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