Fisher Precious Metals Review: New Complaints Lawsuits? 2024

Fisher Precious Metals is a company that has gained attention among consumers interested in investing in gold, silver, and other precious commodities. Investing in precious metals requires a close look at the legitimacy and reliability of the dealer.

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For those considering Fisher Precious Metals, understanding the nature of the customer service experience and assessing market reputation are important factors. It’s sensible to explore the range of positive and negative reviews to gauge the company’s trustworthiness and the quality of its products and services.

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Navigating the landscape of precious metal investments means being cautious about potential risks and warnings. Recent developments have brought attention to legal actions involving precious metal dealers, underlying the importance of due diligence.

Ensuring that an investment firm is ethical and has adequate safety and security measures is paramount for investor confidence. The complexity of investment processes and the clarity of pricing and fees should also be considered when reviewing firms like Fisher Precious Metals.

Fisher Precious Metals Key Takeaways

  • Assessing a company’s market reputation through reviews is essential for potential investors.
  • Legal actions in the precious metals industry highlight the importance of thorough research.
  • Understanding the investment process and fee structure is crucial for informed decision-making.

Fisher Precious Metals Company Overview

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Examining the credentials and operations of entities such as Fisher Precious Metals is essential in exploring the landscape of investment opportunities within the precious metals industry. This section details the company’s inception and current approach to conducting business within the sector.

Fisher Precious Metals History

Fisher Precious Metals was established in 2007 to provide investment-grade gold, silver, platinum, and palladium products. Based in Deerfield Beach, Florida, the company has built a reputation for its comprehensive offerings to investors nationwide.

Fisher Precious Metals Business Model

Central to Fisher Precious Metals’ business model emphasizes transparency and professional expertise in the precious metals market. The company operates with a clear and dedicated focus on guiding seasoned and novice investors through their metals purchasing process. Fisher Precious Metals also caters to buy-backs, asserting the firm’s commitment to flexibility and client support in the investment lifecycle.

Fisher Precious Metals Products

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Fisher Precious Metals offers an array of products and services tailored to meet the needs of precious metal investors. The company specializes in bullion and rare coin acquisitions, serving novice and experienced collectors and investors.

Precious Metals Inventory

Fisher Precious Metals stocks an extensive selection of precious metals in various forms. Their inventory typically includes:

  • Gold: Various gold coins, bars, and rounds, including but not limited to American Eagles, Canadian Maple Leafs, and gold bullion from reputable mints.
  • Silver: A broad range of silver products, including silver bullion, proof coins, and rare coins from across the globe.
  • Bullion Coins and Bars: Fisher Precious Metals provides an assortment of gold and silver bullion coins and bars for investors focused on bullion. These are popular amongst those looking to invest in precious metals due to their purity and intrinsic value.
  • Rare and Proof Coins: Besides bullion, the company offers rare and proof coins, appealing to collectors and investors seeking items with numismatic value.

Ancillary Services

Alongside its precious metals inventory, Fisher Precious Metals provides services that complement its product offerings:

  • Investment Guidance: They offer personalized service, providing clients with knowledge and expertise tailored to their investment goals.
  • Portfolio Management: They assist with precious metals portfolio management, helping clients to diversify and balance their investment portfolios with precious metals.
  • Buyback Services: The company presents a straightforward buyback service, making it easier for clients to liquidate their precious metal assets when required.

Fisher Precious Metals Investment Process

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When considering the investment process into precious metals, investors need to understand the nuances of buying these assets and the specifics of incorporating them into an IRA. The following subsections will guide you through the essential steps in purchasing precious metals and their inclusion in a Precious Metals IRA.

Buying Guide

Investors should approach the purchase of gold and silver from reputable dealers who offer transparency and education on the products. A buying guide can help investors identify the types of precious metals suitable for investment, such as bullion coins and bars.

They must ensure the legitimacy of the investment and that the price aligns with market rates. It’s advised to choose dealers with positive reviews, like Fisher Precious Metals, that show a history of professionalism and knowledge.

  1. Research and select the desired metal type (gold, silver, etc.).
  2. Determine the form (coins, bars, rounds).
  3. Verify authenticity and pricing.
  4. Finalize the purchase with a trusted dealer.

Fisher Precious Metals Gold IRA

A Precious Metals IRA, often a self-directed IRA, allows individuals to hold physical gold and silver as part of their retirement investment. To initiate this process, one must:

  • Choose an IRA custodian experienced in precious metals.
  • Open a self-directed IRA.
  • Fund the IRA through a rollover or transfer.
  • Purchase IRA-eligible precious metals.

The precious metals should be stored in an IRS-approved storage facility, ensuring the security and compliance of the IRA assets. Assets in a Precious Metals IRA can offer diversification in a retirement portfolio, potentially safeguarding against inflation and market volatility.

By understanding the buying guide and intricacies of a Precious Metals IRA, investors can confidently navigate the investment process, knowing they are making informed decisions supported by industry best practices.

Pricing and Fees

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When considering the purchase of physical precious metals, potential investors should be aware of the various costs involved, including the market value of the metals and the additional fees that companies may charge. Transparency in pricing and fees is essential for investors to make informed decisions.

Fisher Precious Metals Premiums

Companies typically add a commission to the base price of precious metals. This fee compensates the dealer for their service in facilitating the transaction. The commission may vary depending on the type of metal, the quantity purchased, and the form it takes (coins, bars, etc.).

Additionally, investors may encounter premiums above the spot price of precious metals, reflecting the costs of fabrication, distribution, and a marginal dealer fee.

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Storage and Insurance Costs

Securing physical precious metals often necessitates using an insured depository storage facility. Storage fees cover the cost of safekeeping the metals in a secure environment. These fees can be structured as a percentage of the asset value or a flat annual fee.

The costs for insurance, designed to protect the investment against theft or loss, are typically included in the storage fee. However, providers’ fee structures and rates vary widely, and investors must review these details before committing to a storage solution.

Safety and Security Measures

A secure vault with advanced security systems and surveillance cameras in place to protect valuable assets at Fisher Precious Metals

Evaluating safety and security measures is paramount when considering the investment in precious metals. This scrutiny includes examining storage solutions and ensuring regulatory compliance, which provides investors with the peace of mind that their assets are protected and transactions adhere to legal standards.

Storage Solutions

Fisher Precious Metals offers clients secure storage options for their precious metal investments. These solutions typically involve licensed custodian services that house the physical metals in insured depository storage facilities. The security protocols at these locations are robust and designed to safeguard precious metals from theft or damage. Often, these include multi-level access controls, 24/7 surveillance, and rigorous auditing practices.

Regulatory Compliance

They ensure adherence to regulations by engaging with reputable regulators in the precious metals market. Compliance with such entities ensures Fisher Precious Metals operates within the legal framework and maintains the highest standards of operation. All transactions and storage services are subject to scrutiny by these regulators, providing an additional layer of security for investors.

Fisher Precious Metals Lawsuits?

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When evaluating Fisher Precious Metals, it is crucial to understand the framework within which they operate, including regulatory compliance and the application of consumer protection standards.

Fisher Precious Metals Regulatory Oversight

The Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) plays a pivotal role in the legality aspect of precious metal dealings. Specifically, the CFTC holds the authority to take action against entities that are found engaging in fraudulent activities, such as misrepresenting the value of precious metals or defrauding elderly customers.

For example, there have been past instances where the CFTC charged entities similar to Fisher Precious Metals for selling overpriced metals to consumers.

Additionally, each state has a securities regulator responsible for overseeing investment activities within their jurisdiction and ensuring that businesses comply with federal and state securities laws. These regulators would step in should there be any inconsistencies or violations in the operations of precious metals dealers.

Consumer Protection Policies

Fisher Precious Metals and similar companies must adhere to robust consumer protection policies. These policies foster honest communication and protect clients from misleading information regarding investment risks, costs, and strategies.

Businesses must make this information accessible to consumers, highlighting their rights and the mechanisms available should there be a need for redress. Furthermore, clear policies and compliance with these standards are essential to maintain the integrity and trustworthiness of precious metals dealers.

Customer Service Experience

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Fisher Precious Metals clients often emphasize the quality of their customer service experience. The business prides itself on responsiveness and knowledgeable support across various communication channels.

Client Support Channels

Fisher Precious Metals offers multiple client support channels to ensure customers can easily reach them. Customers can contact Fisher Precious Metals through:

  • Telephone: A direct line for customer service queries.
  • Email: A dedicated support email for detailed inquiries and documentation.
  • Online Chat: For real-time assistance during business hours.
  • Social Media: Platforms such as Facebook and Twitter where they can engage in public or private conversations.

These channels provide customers with a range of options to seek information and support, reflecting a commitment to accessibility in customer service.

After-Sales Service

The after-sales service at Fisher Precious Metals focuses on customer satisfaction following a purchase. It includes:

  • Order Tracking: Providing timely updates on the shipment and delivery of precious metals.
  • Customer Support: A knowledgeable team ready to assist with any post-purchase concerns or questions.
  • Return Policy Guidance: Clear information on return procedures and policies, ensuring customers understand their options.

Their after-sales services are a testament to their dedication to maintaining strong customer relations and upholding the integrity of their service promise.

Fisher Precious Metals Reviews

A market reputation and reviews board with mixed customer feedback, including complaints, lawsuits, and legitimacy concerns for Fisher Precious Metals

When evaluating Fisher Precious Metals, a key consideration is the company’s standing in the market, which can be gauged through customer feedback and reliable review platforms. These sources provide insights into the experiences of past customers and the company’s overall trustworthiness.

Customer Feedback

Customers often discuss their personal experiences with Fisher Precious Metals, highlighting the quality of service they received. Some reports praise the company for its exceptional personal service and the trustworthiness of its team. For instance, a review by John P., dated December 15, 2023, commends Fisher Precious Metals for their honesty and integrity, stating that customers can rely on their services. Similarly, remarks from Darla W, dated December 5, 2023, affirm these sentiments, describing the company as excellent to buy from.

Independent Review Sites

It is essential to consider verified information from reputable sources when looking at independent review sites. The Better Business Bureau (BBB), a trusted resource for business credibility, showcases customer reviews for Fisher Precious Metals that can be sorted by date and present a mixed overview of customer experiences.

While review websites like Trustpilot are often used to aggregate customer opinions, no specific reviews from Trustpilot are referenced here. Complaints about a business can also surface on such platforms, providing potential customers with a broad view of any issues past clients may have encountered.

Potential Risks and Warnings

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When investing in precious metals or dealing with precious metals companies, customers should know several risks and warnings. These include a range of customer complaints about service or product satisfaction and, more seriously, scams and fraudulent activities that could lead to significant financial losses.

Fisher Precious Metals Complaints

Individuals dealing with precious metals companies might encounter a variety of complaints. Often, these relate to customer service issues such as delayed shipping, discrepancies in billing, or dissatisfaction with the quality of metals received. For instance, some clients of Fisher Precious Metals have expressed high satisfaction with the company’s professionalism, as seen through customer reviews.

However, like any business, they are not immune to negative feedback, and it’s essential to scrutinize such reviews to gauge common concerns that might indicate a pattern.

Fisher Precious Metals Scams and Fraudulent Activity

Precious metals scams are a more severe issue, often involving deceptive practices like overselling the value of coins or bullion. These activities can result in customers – particularly older adults – being defrauded of large sums of money.

The US Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) has taken action against firms like Fisher Capital for allegedly misrepresenting the value of precious metals and targeting elderly investors, leading to investigations and enforcement actions.

Victims of these types of scams can experience substantial financial harm, so it is vital to perform due diligence and remain vigilant against such fraudulent practices.

Making an Educated Decision

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Before investing in precious metals from any dealer, one should meticulously evaluate such a commitment’s advantages and potential downsides. This examination affects one’s financial landscape, future wealth, and retirement savings.

Assessing the Pros and Cons


  • Diversification: Investing in precious metals can diversify an investor’s portfolio, which may decrease risk.
  • Hedge against inflation: Precious metals like gold and silver have historically maintained their value over the long term.


  • Market Volatility: The price of precious metals can be highly volatile, which may lead to unpredictable swings in investment value.
  • Storage and Insurance: Physical metals require secure storage and insurance, adding to the cost.

Compared with Other Dealers

When considering Fisher Precious Metals or any other dealer, investors should compare:

  • Pricing: Check if the precious metals are priced competitively by comparing them with current market rates. For instance, some precious metal dealers have been accused of selling overpriced gold and silver, significantly above market value.
  • Reputation: Research customer feedback and reviews, like those for Fisher Precious Metals on BBB, to gauge previous customer experiences.
  • Legal Standing: Be aware of any past or ongoing lawsuits; for instance, actions taken by regulators can be telling, such as the case where US regulators shut down a metals dealer for fraudulent practices.
  • Tip: Look for industry associations’ accreditation and membership, often indicating compliance with specific ethical standards.

Frequently Asked Questions

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In addressing the credibility and concerns about Fisher Precious Metals, potential investors often seek clarity on several critical topics. This section provides straightforward responses to the most commonly asked questions.

What are common customer concerns regarding Fisher Precious Metals?

When dealing with Fisher Precious Metals, customers typically inquire about reliability, transaction transparency, and customer service quality. They want to ensure that they receive fair pricing and authentic products.

Fisher Precious Metals lawsuits?

As of the latest information, no widely reported instances of lawsuits or legal disputes have been specifically targeting Fisher Precious Metals. Prospective clients should always conduct their due diligence, which can change over time.

How do I determine if a precious metals dealer is legitimate and trustworthy?

To determine a precious metals dealer’s legitimacy, check for memberships with industry regulatory bodies, scrutinize customer reviews, and verify their track record for past complaints or lawsuits.

What do you think I should know about gold and precious metals pricing scams?

Investors should be aware of overpricing, false scarcity claims, and high-pressure sales tactics. Precious metals should be purchased at prices close to the current market value, which can be confirmed through reliable financial sources.

Who is responsible for regulating the precious metals industry?

In the United States, the precious metals industry is overseen by several regulatory bodies, including the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), which work to prevent fraud and unethical practices.

What steps can I take to ensure a precious metals investment is secure?

Investors should choose reputable dealers, verify the purity and authenticity of precious metals, use secure payment methods, and store their assets in safe, insured locations. It’s essential to keep clear records of all transactions.

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