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National Gold Group New Complaints: Still Worth It in 2024?

National Gold Group Reviews, Lawsuits and Complaints

National Gold Group is a relative newcomer to the precious metals industry. This company was founded to try to be a leading force in the sector and has built a solid reputation for itself by providing excellent products, flawless services, and a dedication to client satisfaction.

We will look into the National Gold Group in this in-depth review, looking at its products, background, and—above all—National Gold Group reviews to see why it is so highly regarded.

National Gold Group Products And Services

Precious Metal IRAs are the company’s principal offering. They offer physical gold IRAs and physical precious metals like gold and silver.

A precious metal IRA may hold any or all of the above-mentioned precious metals as part of a qualified retirement plan. Precious metal IRA contributions are accepted from customers on an annual basis.

It is possible to sell or transfer your precious metals to other custodians. Distributions from an IRA account may be made in kind, meaning that a person may receive physical delivery of precious metals to their home.

Prior clients have been very positive about National Gold Group IRA services.

National Gold Group helps clients diversify their investment portfolios by offering precious metal IRAs. With a $10,000 minimum investment, it provides gold, silver, platinum, and palladium products approved by the IRS.

The company buys precious metals as well. Representatives from National Gold Group will help you take advantage of its no-fee buyback services if you decide to sell your metals.

Metals include coins and bars crafted from palladium, platinum, silver, and gold.

The minimum investment is $10,000.

Annual maintenance fees for accounts

The storage options include the Delaware Depository, Brink’s Global Services, and the Texas Precious Metals Depository.

They provide the following products, among others:

US Gold Eagle 

The US Mint produced this official gold bullion coin, which is in great demand. One of the rare gold bullion coins deemed investment-grade is this one. The United States government controls the quality of these coins.

Austria’s Philharmonic coins

This coin is an official bullion from Austria. It is a 99.99% pure 24-karat gold coin. The coin is popular with investors; it can be used in an IRA like the American Gold Eagle coin.

Gold Buffalo coins 

The US Mint produces the purest gold bullion coinage. In 1913, the design was made. This coin is well-liked by investors.

Gold coins and Bars

This is a gold nugget, another name for a finely polished metallic gold bar. Several weights are available for them, such as grams, ounces, and kilograms.

You can buy the British Gold Brittania, the Australian Gold Kangaroo, the Canadian Gold Maple Leaf, and the St. Helena’s Gold Queen’s Virtues: Victory.

Silver inventory consists of the following:

  1. American Eagle Bullion Coins in Silver
  2. American Eagle Proof Silver Coins
  3. Philharmonic Silver Coins from Austria
  4. Silver Maple Leaf Coins Made in Canada
  5. Australian Koala Coins in Silver
  6. Brittania Silver Coins, British
  7. Silver bars and rounds

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National Gold Group Pros And Cons


Constant Customer Support

There are actual sites in Hawaii, California, and North Carolina.

Buys and sells collectibles and precious metals.


$10,000 minimum investment; online fee information; information on precious metal prices

National Gold Group Fees And Pricing

National Gold Group charges $99 for new customers in the first year. However, accounts that invest in bars of precious metal are not eligible for waived fees even if they invest more.

One-year fee waiver: $25,000 outlay

Five-year fee waiver: $100,000 outlay

Unlike other gold dealers and Gold IRA providers, National Gold Group does not display individual precious metal prices on its website. It would be best if you spoke with a representative to learn more about the products you wish to invest in.

The National Gold Group ships collectible metals to their customers’ homes, even though IRS regulations mandate that precious metals in an IRA be kept at an approved depository.

A $99 annual fee is required, plus no fees for deposits between $25,000 and $99,999.99 in the first year.

For deposits of $100,000 or more, fees are waived for five years. If an individual buys bars made of precious metal, this fee waiver is not applicable.

A custodian fee could be necessary to open an IRA for precious metals. This charge may change depending on the custodian selected and how their fee schedule is configured.

National Gold Group How To Get Started

A precious metals IRA application can be started independently, but it needs to be completed over the phone with the company. To speed up the gold 401(k) rollover and transfer process, a National Gold Group representative will contact your financial advisor or custodian after completing your application.

After your account has been funded, National Gold Group will help you choose the precious metals for your precious metal IRA.

National Gold Group Reviews, Complaints, Lawsuits

The leaders of the National Gold Group have 25 years of practical experience in finance and precious metals, even though the company was only established in 2021. Reviews support the company’s stated commitment to providing excellent customer service.

National Gold Group has an A rating from the Better Business Bureau and 22 five-star reviews. Additionally, it has five-star ratings on Consumer Affairs and Trustpilot. With a stellar customer reputation, it’s hard to find complaints about National Gold Group.

We found no current Nation Gold lawsuits at the time of this article.

National Gold Group Top Competitors And Alternatives

Augusta Precious Metals: Known for its emphasis on assisting people in securing their financial future through precious metal investments, Augusta Precious Metals is a well-known player in the industry. They provide IRA services and a range of gold and silver products. Augusta Precious Metals has established a solid reputation for offering top-notch customer support and educating investors in precious metals. Satisfied customers have left them positive reviews.

GoldCo: Previously GoldCo Direct, GoldCo focuses on assisting customers in diversifying their retirement funds by using gold and silver individual retirement accounts. They emphasize educating their customers and providing a range of products made of precious metals. GoldCo is respected for its openness and industry knowledge. They have a strong reputation among investors thanks to their committed team of specialists.

American Hartford Gold Group: This company is well-known for providing IRA options and gold and silver investment services. They offer several resources to investors and stress the significance of financial security. The American Hartford Gold Group has won people over with its transparent business practices and dedication to customer satisfaction. Positive experiences are often reported by their clientele.

Noble Gold Investments: This company provides investments in cryptocurrencies along with a selection of precious metal products, such as gold and silver. Their objective is to offer their clientele a holistic strategy for safeguarding their wealth. Noble Gold Investments is renowned for its commitment to assisting customers in using precious metals to diversify their portfolios. Satisfied customers frequently compliment their knowledgeable staff.

Birch Gold Group: By providing a range of precious metal products and precious metal IRAs, Birch Gold Group aims to assist people in safeguarding their financial future. They also offer excellent educational materials. The Birch Gold Group has made a name for itself as a reliable business emphasizing client support. Positive evaluations emphasize their competence and professionalism.

Even though the National Gold Group faces competition from these businesses in the precious metals sector, each rival has advantages and specialties. When selecting a company for its precious metal investments, investors should do extensive research and consider their unique investment goals and preferences.


The following are some commonly asked questions (FAQs) and their corresponding responses concerning the National Gold Group and the precious metals sector:

National Gold Group, who are they?

A respectable business in the precious metals sector, the National Gold Group focuses on assisting investors and individuals in safeguarding their financial future by buying gold, silver, and other precious metals. They provide extensive services and goods linked to investing in precious metals.

Why should I consider investing in precious metals through the National Gold Group?

National Gold Group has built a solid reputation because of its dedication to quality control, openness, and client satisfaction. They have a track record of successfully assisting clients in the precious metals market and providing knowledgeable advice.

What precious metal varieties does the National Gold Group provide?

Coins, bars, and rounds made of gold and silver are among the precious metal products offered by the National Gold Group. They might also provide options for platinum and palladium to meet the needs of different investors.

Can I use the National Gold Group to add precious metals to my retirement savings?

Yes, the National Gold Group makes it easier for investors to add precious metals, including gold and silver, to self-directed IRAs. This lets you diversify your retirement funds in ways other than through conventional investment vehicles.

How can I join the National Gold Group as a new member?

With National Gold Group, getting started is usually a simple process. You can contact them, and they will walk you through creating an account and buying your first piece of precious metal.

Is National Gold Group a trustworthy business?

National Gold Group is well-known in the precious metals sector for being dependable and trustworthy. Satisfied customers have left them positive reviews, and they continue to have high ratings on Trustpilot and the Better Business Bureau.

What aspects of selecting a precious metals company should I consider?

Consider reputation, product offerings, customer service, transparency, and fees when choosing a precious metals company. Conducting due diligence and evaluating various firms is crucial to identifying the one that best fits your investment objectives.

Can I use the National Gold Group to sell my precious metals?

There might be options for selling precious metals provided by the National Gold Group. Contact their staff to learn more about the selling procedure and the state of the precious metals market right now.

Are there dangers involved in purchasing precious metals?

Indeed, investing in precious metals carries some risk, just like any other investment. Given the volatility of prices, it’s critical to have a diversified investment strategy in line with your financial objectives.

How can I keep up with the precious metals market and choose wisely when investing?

Like many of its rivals, National Gold Group frequently offers clients professional advice and educational materials to assist them in making well-informed investment decisions. Furthermore, it’s critical to keep up with economic and market trends.

In summary

National Gold Group has proven to be a reliable name in the precious metals sector. The company’s excellence is evident with a lengthy list of happy clients, a rich history, and a wide selection of goods and services.

In conclusion, the National Gold Group stands out in the precious metals market due to its outstanding track record, dedication to client satisfaction, openness, and high-quality products. Their excellent National Gold Group ratings attest to the company’s commitment to assisting people in using precious metal investments to safeguard their financial future.

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