Are OneGold New Reviews Still Worth It in 2024?

OneGold Review Complaints Lawsuits and Overview

OneGold reviews have withstood the test of time. In the world of investments, gold has continuously shown to be a valuable and safe asset. Onegold is a newer platform to simplify and increase accessibility to gold investing. In this in-depth review, we will dive deep into Onegold to thoroughly understand its features, services, and advantages for novice and experienced investors.

Onegold is a cutting-edge platform that makes investing in gold transparent and straightforward. One Gold was established to enable everyone to invest in gold and has successfully built a link between traditional gold investments and contemporary digital convenience.

With options for physical and digital gold, the platform makes it simple and easy for users to invest in gold.

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OneGold Products, Services And Key Features

Onegold distinguishes itself in the gold investment market with several features. Let’s examine some of its most notable features in more detail:

  1. Security and Transparency

Onegold gives security and openness top priority in all aspects of business. Investors can feel safe knowing that physical gold is kept in reliable and secure vaults to support their gold investments. This guarantees that every Onegold token is a natural ounce of gold.

  1. Low Prices

Onegold has competitive pricing when compared to other gold investment options. When buying gold, investors can take advantage of low premiums and even receive discounts on larger purchases.

  1. Adaptability

Onegold caters to investors with different needs. You can select the quantity of gold that best fits your investment objectives with Onegold, regardless of how much or how little you want to invest.

  1. Availability

Through the platform’s easy-to-use interface, investors can access their Onegold accounts and conduct transactions around the clock. Onegold’s accessibility distinguishes it from more conventional approaches to gold investing, which frequently entail intricate processes and middlemen.

With a free OneGold account, you can own fully insured vaulted gold, silver, and platinum at a discounted price. OneGold purchases investment-quality metals from distributors and keeps them safe in vaults.

The all-digital platform gives you access to your investments seven days a week, 24 hours a day, through an intuitive mobile app.

If you want to possess your gold and silver coins physically, you can redeem the metals and have them shipped from the vault to your house in less than a day.

Beyond its mobile app, OneGold offers several notable features that streamline buying and selling gold.

AutoInvest: Based on a preset dollar or ounce quantity, set up an automatic, recurrent buy order for your preferred metal.

The Bullion Card: Get the first credit card rewards program for precious metals in the industry by applying. You can accumulate points and purchase gold, silver, or platinum.

Switch and Save: OneGold will reimburse you up to $1,000 for your initial purchase when you switch.

OneGold Pros And Cons


  1. The cost of storage is relatively low.
  2. It includes a convenient, easy-to-use smartphone app.
  3. Contributions from customers start at just $1.
  4. OneGold has not been the subject of noteworthy complaints.
  5. The process of setting up an investment is straightforward.
  6. An investor may receive up to $250 in reimbursement through the Switch and Save feature for each US product they buy. It provides a helpful website with easy-to-use content.
  7. Two reputable precious metals organizations with outstanding security integrations oversee the company.
  8. OneGold AutoInvest helps reduce the risk associated with investments and raises the possibility of a higher return.
  9. It could make money from its metal products.
  10. exceptional customer service


  1. There might be a learning curve for less tech-savvy users using the platform.
  2. Live support is offered only five days a week.

OneGold Fees And Pricing

OneGold says it has the fewest expenses and the lowest industry premiums. Before purchasing, you can easily compare the “ask” and “spot” prices because they show the metal premium on the buy page. Another feature that sets OneGold apart from its competitors is that premiums are unaffected by the size of transactions.

The spot prices for gold, silver, and platinum fluctuate daily. Real-time price data is updated every 60 seconds on the OneGold website.

OneGold How To Get Started

After discussing the features that Onegold provides, let’s examine this platform’s operation in more detail:

  1. Opening a User Account

With Onegold, getting started is a simple process. Users only need to enter some basic details to create an account. Once registration is complete, you can access your Onegold dashboard.

  1. Purchasing Gold

With Onegold, investors can easily buy gold by choosing their desired quantity and completing the payment process. Investors receive tokens, digital representations of their purchased gold, safely stored in vaults.

  1. Gold Sales

If you choose to sell your gold investments, Onegold provides a smooth selling procedure. You can have actual gold delivered to your home or exchange your gold tokens for cash again.

  1. Gold Storing

Physical gold can be stored safely and insured with Onegold. This option is desirable for investors who would instead hold their gold professionally.

  1. Monitoring Your Capital

Through their Onegold dashboard, investors can monitor their gold holdings in real-time. Users are empowered to make knowledgeable investment decisions thanks to this transparency.

The OneGold digital platform facilitates the buying and selling of gold. You must create an online account to browse gold, silver, and platinum products from the United States (you can also search for products from Switzerland, Canada, and the United Kingdom).

You can pay for metals with a credit card, PayPal, bank wires, checks, or automatic payments. You can sell and withdraw money from your OneGold cash balance at any time, but if you choose to buy and hold, your assets will stay in the safe deposit boxes.

You can use APMEX drop shipping to exchange your money for coins, bars, or rounds if you would instead hold your holdings in physical form.

OneGold Reviews, Complaints And Lawsuits

OneGold has an A rating from the Better Business Bureau and a 3.9 out of 5-star customer rating. On the BBB website, there are two complaints; however, they are related to technical problems with user accounts rather than the business itself. Additionally, OneGold has more than 140 Google reviews, many of which highlight how user-friendly the website is for managing portfolios. While some reviews caution that its “sell fees” are high, others emphasize the low fees.

Onegold does not have any public lawsuits.

OneGold Top Competitors And Alternatives

GoldMoney: Users can purchase, sell, and store precious metals using GoldMoney, which provides physical and digital gold storage options.

BullionVault: This platform lets customers purchase and store precious metals in safe vaults. It specializes in the trading of actual gold and silver.

Perth Mint: Perth Mint provides investors with storage services and various gold and silver products, such as bars and coins.

Kitco: Kitco is a reputable dealer and information source for precious metals, providing a trading and investment platform.

Gainesville Coins: Gainesville Coins is a merchant that offers gold and silver coins and bars, among other precious metals.

Apmex: A well-known online precious metals vendor, Apmex provides many gold and silver goods for investment and hoarding.

JM Bullion: JM Bullion is an internet merchant offering investors gold, silver, and other precious metal products.

Silver Gold Bull is an online precious metals dealer that sells various goods, such as rounds, bars, and coins.

Goldline: Goldline is a well-known precious metals dealer that provides a range of goods and storage choices.

Online merchant SD Bullion offers precious metals, including investment-grade gold and silver.

These rivals accommodate diverse investment goals and preferences by providing a range of features and services. To find the platform that best suits their unique needs and goals, investors should carefully weigh their options and do research.


The following are some commonly asked questions (FAQs) about Onegold and investing in gold:

What is Onegold?

Onegold is a platform that makes it easier to invest in gold, both digitally and physically. Users can safely purchase, sell, and store gold with it.

How is Onegold operated?

Through the platform’s user-friendly interface, Onegold users can register, buy gold in different quantities, store it securely, and keep an eye on their investments.

Is Onegold a trustworthy website for buying gold?

Onegold is renowned for its dedication to security and openness. The platform guarantees that every gold token is supported by actual gold kept in trustworthy vaults, making it a dependable choice for gold investing.

What advantages come with using Onegold as a gold investment platform?

Onegold provides advantages like accessibility, low fees, flexibility in investment amounts, transparency, and real-time investment tracking.

Do Onegold users have any reviews or testimonials?

Onegold has received positive feedback from a large number of users. They value its accessibility, transparency, and user-friendly interface. Perusing user reviews can yield insightful information.

In what ways does Onegold differ from conventional gold investments?

Onegold is a better option for accessibility, transparency, and liquidity than traditional gold investments. It is also often less expensive, which makes it a desirable substitute.

What dangers come with using Onegold to invest in gold?

Investments in gold, including those made on Onegold, may be impacted by regulatory changes, storage costs, and market volatility. Investors must understand these risks.

Can I use Onegold to purchase actual gold?

Indeed, Onegold provides the opportunity to buy actual gold that can be safely kept in vaults. Additionally, users have the option to receive their real gold by mail.

How can I use Onegold to get started?

You can start purchasing and investing in gold with Onegold by creating an account on their platform and entering some basic information.

What is the Onegold gold selling procedure?

The process of selling gold on Onegold is simple. Users can order the delivery of actual gold or convert their gold tokens back into cash.


Onegold is a ground-breaking platform that has connected modern digital investing with traditional gold investing. For novice and experienced investors, its accessibility, affordability, transparency, and flexibility make it a desirable option. However, it carries unique risks, much like any investment. It’s crucial to do extensive research and comprehend the workings of the gold market before investing.

This review examined the main characteristics, user experiences, and contrasts between Onegold and conventional gold investments. You ought to know everything there is to know about Onegold by now, including whether or not it fits into your investment objectives.

Onegold is a shining example of innovation in the constantly changing world of investments, enabling everyone to benefit from the gold standard. This platform is becoming increasingly well-liked and has received favorable user feedback. Onegold is a noteworthy addition to your investment portfolio, regardless of your experience with gold investing.

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