Rosland Capital Reviews: New Lawsuit Complaints?

Rosland Capital is a precious metals firm that has generated discussions among investors interested in gold, silver, and other valuable metals.

Founded in 2008, the company positions itself as an entity capable of guiding both new and seasoned investors through the intricacies of precious metals investments.

As such, potential clients often seek comprehensive reviews and feedback on Rosland Capital’s services to determine the credibility and quality of this firm.

Gold Coins
Gold Coins

Analyzing various customer experiences and expert reviews is crucial for investors to weigh the pros and cons of dealing with Rosland Capital.

Over the years, there have been a range of experiences reported by clients, from claims of exceptional service and support to allegations of aggressive sales tactics and issues with transparency.

The legitimacy of Rosland Capital, as well as any lawsuits, controversies, and comprehensive lists of pros and cons associated with their services, are fundamental considerations for any investor.

Rosland Capital Key Takeaways

  • Rosland Capital offers a range of precious metals investment services for diverse investor needs.
  • Customer feedback varies, highlighting the importance of due diligence when considering a partnership.
  • Investigating the company’s transparency in pricing, fees, and client support is necessary for informed investing decisions.

Rosland Capital Review

A stack of gold and silver coins with Rosland Capital logo, surrounded by positive reviews and testimonials

Rosland Capital is a precious metals asset firm based in Los Angeles, California, focusing on providing physical gold, silver, platinum, and palladium.

They play an integral role in helping customers include precious metals in their portfolio, serving both as a source for direct purchases and as a provider of precious metals for individual retirement accounts (IRAs).

History And Background

Established in 2008, Rosland Capital has spent over a decade assisting customers with their investment decisions in the precious metals market.

The firm emphasizes its commitment to customer education, aiming to help individuals understand the value and risks associated with bullion investment.

Rosland Capital Owner: CEO Marin Aleksov

At the helm of Rosland Capital is CEO Marin Aleksov.

With a robust background in commodities and precious metals, Aleksov possesses extensive experience in the industry, bringing a hands-on leadership approach to the business.

His stewardship has been a driving force in establishing the trust and authority of Rosland Capital in the precious metals market.

Products And Services

Silver Coins

Rosland Capital offers a suite of products and services focusing on precious metals investment options that cater to diverse client needs.

They provide avenues for asset protection and investment in various forms of bullion and collectible coins.

Rosland Gold and Silver IRAs

Rosland Capital allows investors to diversify their retirement portfolio through Gold and Silver IRAs.

These precious metals IRAs allow individuals to invest in physical gold and silver as part of their retirement strategy, providing an alternative to traditional stocks and bonds with the goal of wealth protection.

Bullion and Numismatic Coins

They also offer a range of bullion and numismatic coins for collectors and investors.

Bullion coins are minted from precious metals such as gold and silver and are valued based on their metal content. In contrast, numismatic coins have value that exceeds their material worth due to historical significance, rarity, or condition.

  • Gold Coins: Rosland Capital’s repertoire includes various investment-grade gold coins.
  • Silver Coins: They likewise offer silver coins, catering to a broader market of precious metals enthusiasts.

Precious Metals Wealth Protection

Rosland Capital emphasizes precious metals wealth protection as a critical service.

They encourage the acquisition of physical precious metals as a strategy for wealth protection, advocating for tangible assets as a potential hedge against economic uncertainty and market volatility.

Investing with Rosland Capital

A person sits at a desk, researching Rosland Capital online. They read reviews, complaints, and pros and cons, contemplating whether to invest

When considering Rosland Capital, investors find options for precious metal investments, which include building investment portfolios with a focus on gold and diversifying retirement and savings as a hedge against inflation.

Investment Portfolios and Strategies

Rosland Capital caters to a range of investors by offering a variety of precious metals, including gold, silver, platinum, and palladium.

They help clients tailor their investment portfolios based on individual financial goals and risk tolerances.

For example, gold investment is often used as a strategy to mitigate potential market fluctuations.

  • Gold Coins: Investors can select from various collectible and bullion coins.
  • Precious Metal Bars: Includes gold, silver, platinum, and palladium.
  • Numismatic Coins: Aimed at collectors, offering potential historical value.

Retirement and Savings Diversification

Retirement planning with Rosland Capital can involve setting up a Precious Metals Individual Retirement Account (IRA).

These IRAs allow individuals to hold physical gold and other precious metals in their retirement portfolios as a long-term strategy to diversify savings and protect against market downsides.

  • Gold IRA: A specialized IRA holding physical gold to provide diversification.
  • Silver IRA: Similar to a Gold IRA, but with silver offering a different price point and potential growth.
  • Diversifying Existing IRAs: Transferring part of an existing IRA into precious metals.

By investing in precious metals IRAs, investors aim to build a robust retirement savings structure, leveraging the historical stability of these assets.

Rosland Capital Reviews and Ratings


Rosland Capital’s reputation is often reflected in the reviews and ratings it receives on various consumer platforms and from industry watchdogs. These insights provide potential customers with a gauge of the company’s service quality and reliability.

Rosland Customer Feedback

Rosland Capital has garnered mixed customer reviews across different feedback mechanisms.

For example, on Trustpilot, customers have rated the company with a 4.2 out of 5, signaling a generally positive response.

However, some customers have noted issues, such as aggressive sales techniques, that may be of concern.

The nuances of customer feedback highlight the company’s strengths and areas for improvement, as experienced by individual consumers.

Rosland Capital Accreditations and Industry Ratings

As an accredited firm, Rosland Capital holds an A+ BBB rating with the Better Business Bureau, affirming the company’s credibility.

Furthermore, the firm has a record of addressing complaints brought forward on this platform, suggesting a commitment to resolving customer grievances.

Industry ratings and accreditations like those from the BBB carry significant weight, often influencing consumer trust and decision-making.

Rosland Capital Testimonials

A customer sits at a desk, surrounded by paperwork and a computer. They appear frustrated, with a furrowed brow and a clenched fist. The room is dimly lit, adding to the tense atmosphere

Exploring client experiences with Rosland Capital reveals a range of opinions on their services.

From testimonials reflecting satisfaction to others pointing out areas needing improvement, the specific experiences of customers help paint a clearer picture of the company.

Testimonials and Endorsements

Clients have shared their experiences on various rating platforms, resulting in a composite score that reflects a predominantly positive outlook.

Actor William Devane endorses Rosland Capital, bringing a high-profile testimonial to the company’s reputation.

However, prospective customers are always advised to consider endorsements alongside a wide array of customer reviews when assessing credibility.

  • Endorsements: Notable for its high-profile endorsements, such as that by William Devane.

Rosland Capital Service and Communication

Service quality and communication efficacy are critical in client experiences.

Rosland Capital has received both commendations for professional sales representatives and criticisms for service issues.

  • Communication: Feedback indicates that customer service is knowledgeable and transparent in its communication, while some reviews suggest that there is room for improvement in responsiveness and clarity.
  • Education: Rosland Capital extends educational resources to its clients, though the accessibility and effectiveness of these materials are varied among users’ reviews.

Responses to concerns and complaints by Rosland Capital are a testament to its commitment to customer satisfaction, although some clients have expressed difficulty getting answers and resolving issues.

This suggests that while Rosland Capital does make an effort to address customer concerns, the efficiency and effectiveness of their responses may vary.

  • Responses:
    • Positive: Some customers have felt their issues were addressed adequately.
    • Needs Improvement: Other reviews have pointed out delays and unprofessional behavior, which highlights the need for enhanced customer service protocols.

Rosland Capital Complaints

A pile of mixed reviews and legal documents, surrounded by question marks and scales of justice, representing the controversies surrounding Rosland Capital

Rosland Capital, as a renowned precious metals company, has faced numerous complaints and some legal issues.

Assessing customer complaints provides insight into client satisfaction, while legal troubles offer a perspective on the company’s adherence to regulatory and ethical standards.

Customer Complaints Analysis

Customer Complaints: Rosland Capital has been the subject of customer complaints, some pointing to complex, aggressive sales techniques, as cited in recent customer service reviews.

Buyers have reported dissatisfaction due to alleged deceptive sales tactics, which, in some cases, may be seen as a deviation from transparent business practices.

  • Transparency Issues: Concerns over fee transparency have also surfaced, suggesting that clients might not have been fully informed about all costs involved in their transactions with Rosland Capital.
  • Customer Service: The volume of customer complaints also alludes to potential deficiencies in service and support, which could influence the overall customer experience negatively.

Legal Issues and Rosland Capital Lawsuits

Legal and Lawsuit Information: The company has been involved in legal actions, colloquially termed the Rosland Capital lawsuit, bringing to light controversies that could be of concern to potential investors and existing clients.

  • Allegations of Fraud: In these legal proceedings, Rosland Capital has faced allegations that include deceptive practices and potential fraud, raising questions about the company’s operational ethics.
  • Impact on Reputation: While lawsuits are a serious matter for any business, they can particularly affect a finance-oriented company’s reputation, possibly casting doubt on its legitimacy and practices.

Rosland Capital Fees

A stack of legal documents and customer reviews sit on a desk, surrounded by scattered coins and a scale. A shadow looms over the scene, hinting at the looming presence of a lawsuit

When considering Rosland Capital, potential clients should understand its fee structure. This includes various costs associated with establishing and maintaining a precious metals IRA.

Comparative Costs

Rosland Capital establishes precious metals IRAs with a one-time set-up fee and an annual maintenance fee. Additionally, customers should prepare for storage fees, which can vary depending on the chosen storage option.

The company’s pricing on precious metals is competitive within the industry. However, customers should be aware that market fluctuations affect the pricing of gold, silver, platinum, and palladium coins and bars.

Hidden Charges And Policies

The firm’s policy maintains transparency regarding fees. This includes a one-time set-up fee, annual maintenance fees, and storage fees. Nevertheless, clients must consider potential additional fees, such as a paper statement fee, which is incurred if they opt to receive paper statements.

It’s advised that clients thoroughly review their contract details to ensure they are fully informed of any charges that may arise during their investment to avoid surprises.

Buying Process

A customer researches Rosland Capital online, reading reviews and weighing pros and cons before deciding to make a purchase

When engaging with Rosland Capital, customers experience a structured buying process. This process begins with selecting metals and ends with the transfer of funds. Throughout these steps, the service provided by agents and the functionality of the website play crucial roles.

Process of Purchasing Metals

Individuals interested in purchasing metals from Rosland Capital typically begin by browsing the company’s website or making contact with a sales agent. Details regarding the types of metals, such as gold and silver, are available and can be explored to suit differing investment interests.

Rosland’s sales team is known to employ assertive sales tactics, ensuring customers are well-informed about the benefits and risks associated with their potential purchase.

  • The customer selects their desired metals.
  • An agent facilitates the completion of the purchase.
  • The price is confirmed, and an agreement is reached.

Gold IRA Account Setup and Fund Transfer

To finalize the purchase, customers must go through an account setup process, which may incur several fees, as documented by various customer reviews. This includes a:

  • One-time setup fee
  • Annual maintenance fee
  • Storage fee
  • Optional paper statement fee

Once the account is established, the transfer of funds occurs. Customers initiate the transfer via their preferred method, commonly through bank wire or a personal check.

Customers should note that the time it takes to set up the account and transfer the funds can vary, and they should be prepared for this period when planning their investment timeline.

Rosland Capital Storage and Security

A secure storage facility with high-tech security features, including surveillance cameras, keycard access, and reinforced steel walls

When considering investing with Rosland Capital, customers take into account the storage and security of their precious metals. These aspects are crucial as they ensure the safety and integrity of the assets.

Rosland Capital Storage 

Rosland Capital provides options to secure customers’ investments through reliable storage solutions. The company utilizes the Delaware Depository, an esteemed facility renowned for its security measures and insurance coverage. This depository ensures that the physical precious metals are safeguarded against a variety of risks.

Affiliates and Custodians

The choice of custodian is a fundamental component of asset protection. Rosland Capital partners with reputable custodians in the industry, making sure that the investors’ information and assets are proficiently managed.

These custodians have a legal obligation to protect the client’s holdings and provide a secure environment for storage. 

Customer Service and Support

A customer service representative assists a client with Rosland Capital inquiries, surrounded by phone lines and computer screens

Rosland Capital emphasizes the professionalism of its sales representatives and their prompt shipping as critical aspects of its customer service. Reports suggest they strive for accessible and informed support for their clients.

Support and Accessibility

Customers have access to Rosland Capital’s support team, which is experienced professional staff. The company prides itself on its user-friendly website, which is designed to facilitate easy interactions between the customer and service representatives. Accessibility to support is maintained through various channels, including phone and email, aimed at addressing customer inquiries efficiently.

Rosland Capital Complaints Resolution

When issues arise, such as shipping delays, the team at Rosland Capital is reported to provide timely responses, working to resolve concerns and educate their clients along the way. Communication regarding such issues is a priority, and the company invests in clear and informative dialogue to ensure customers are kept in the loop with their transactions and resolutions.


A courtroom with lawyers, judge, and jury. A scale symbolizing justice. Rosland Capital logo displayed. Mixed emotions on people's faces

Rosland Capital is a company that trades in precious metals, offering gold coins and precious metal-backed IRAs. When evaluating its legitimacy and customer satisfaction, reviews show a mix of experiences.


  • Sells precious metals and offers IRAs
  • International market presence
  • Has a reputation backed by customer reviews


  • Reports of aggressive sales tactics
  • Fees include $50 setup, $100 annual maintenance, plus storage and paper statement fees

Consumers have highlighted both positive and negative interactions, with some reports indicating satisfactory service and others expressing concern with the sales process. There have been no significant lawsuits that dominate the company’s public profile, suggesting legal compliance in its operations.

Individuals interested in Rosland Capital should consider the varying feedback and compare it with other precious metal investment providers.

Selecting a precious metals company for investment purposes is critical and should be done with thorough research and consideration of one’s financial goals and risk tolerance. Rosland Capital may suit confident investors, but others may prefer different companies based on their specific needs and preferences.

Rosland Capital Frequently Asked Questions

This section addresses some of the most pressing inquiries potential investors have regarding Rosland Capital. It covers customer grievances, legal issues, the advantages and disadvantages of investing with Rosland Capital, pricing comparisons, the Better Business Bureau (BBB) rating, and a comparative look at Lear Capital.

What are the common Rosland Capital complaints?

Customers have expressed concerns regarding complex, aggressive sales techniques and misleading advertisements. Some have reported dissatisfaction with the company’s transparency regarding fees and storage security.

Are there any Rosland Capital lawsuits I should be aware of?

I think relevant information about lawsuits filed against Rosland Capital should have been included in the provided search results. Clients should conduct their research or consult a legal advisor for the most current information on this topic.

What are the pros and cons of investing with Rosland Capital?

Pros of investing with Rosland Capital include fast delivery, a user-friendly website, and a wide selection of precious metals.

Possible cons involve concerns about insecure storage and fee transparency. Each investor’s experience may vary, and weighing these factors is essential before making an investment decision.

How do Roslands gold prices compare to industry standards?

The search results did not provide specific comparisons of Rosland Capital’s gold prices to industry standards. Investors are encouraged to compare current market prices and check with multiple sources to ensure they receive competitive rates.

What is the Rosland Capital Better Business Bureau’s Rating?

The BBB accredits Rosland Capital, and potential investors can review the company’s rating and customer feedback on the BBB website to inform their decision-making process.

How do Rosland Capital’s services and reputation compare to Lear Capital?

I’d like to let you know that direct comparisons between Rosland Capital’s and Lear Capital’s services and reputations need the context of the search results provided.

Potential investors should closely examine individual reviews. They should also compare each company’s offerings and consider reputations as part of their due diligence before investing.

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